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For generations, we are making chairs the traditional way, only using the best materials. We call this pure Dutch craftsmanship. To continue to innovate in quality we have outlined our knowledge in our special ‘Socha’ collection.The superb quality we offer and which you are used to becomes the new standard.



This collection is for anyone who values ​​form and function in fresh and original designs that change the experience of your daily life. ‘Dutsh’ stands for superb design and high quality and is born out of love for eye-catching designs.




Ilblua Steel is a contemporary and commercial collection of stainless steel items. Polished, brushed, brass or with wooden top, Ilblua has it all!



Indonesia is well known for its solid wood, loom and rattan. With these basic materials we have outlined a special ‘Indo Collection’ with a pure, natural look and feeling. Handcrafted by carpenters, stonemasons and wood carvers, this is furniture that you will treasure and that you are proud of to keep for generations to come.


This rich collection contains sofas, lounge chairs and matching essentials. From trendy to classic, from design to baroque, all with a contemporary twist. Artisan has everything to create the ultimate feeling of comfort and is a feast for the eye.




Itsese lounge items are made ​​of high quality outdoor fabric, which is easy to clean and also very comfortable for indoor purposes. We provide a 100% polyester outdoor cover with durable pvc coating and a Vintage Cotton cover for indoor use.


I am an interior design brand, officially presented to the world in September 2011. My aim is to offer a collection that is based on global influences and made up of products that have a story to tell. My look is unique, having evolved during travels around the globe, and will lend an international touch to every interior.