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Designed by Arocca

Arocca recently completed hotel The Lemon Tree Hotel in Deventer. It is a stunning example of their unique, modern style and attention to detail. Learn more about this and other projects from Arocca.

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We strives to create special places to live. Recently, we have designed a stunning penthouse high up in a water tower, as well as other parts of the water tower. Read more about their recent projects and be inspired

We created a dining lounge, drinks area and a party room, where every part of the room has a different colour, including a 5 meter custom-made sofa. The terrace continues to restaurant "de Professor" across the street. 


Recently, we've created a space for everybody, with different table heights, high tables in the front for drinks, dining height in the middle for lunch, and a lounge area in the back. To learn more about our recent projects, please read on.


Arocca is proud to present camping de betuwe , including the design of restaurant de Betuwe and five unique tiny houses. Each tiny house has been crafted with a distinct style, creating a truly one-of-a-kind rural modern design. Learn more about these projects and see how Arocca can help transform your space.


We have designed the interior of a chic restaurant. With their creative vision and expertise, Arocca has the ability to transform any space into a beautiful and inviting atmosphere. Read more about their projects to see how they can help you create the perfect space.

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